Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Anticipation and Signs

Our family is welcoming the youngest female member who is expected to
show up in April.

In this last trimester of pregnancy, mom (and dad!!) has been through a lot of physical and mental changes while the baby is preparing her own way out to the profane world with not much anticipation from the over 2.5 years old big brother, accompanied by mom's feeling lightheaded all the time knowing the fact that nearly 1/6 of her total blood volume concentrates in the uterus' vessels, and a well documented de-javu first delivery actions played in mom's dream during some nights.

At 35 weeks of pregnancy and nice weight gain of 13 kg, mom experiences that the uterus expands as big as a small watermelon as the baby is taking over the mom's entire torso and weighs over 2 kg and grows over 40 cm from head to toe not forgetting her completed nails, developed kidney, and growing immune system. She moves alot by stretching, squirming, squishing, kicking especially at nights making sure that mom is aware of her existence. While the mother is feeling cramps and heavy, the fat storing will still continue to make the baby chubbier and rounder.

Some events glued the parents such as going through amniocentesis to challenge the odds of the baby's Down Syndome probability, the unexplained high amniotic fluid at 31 weeks, cycles of the first boy's behaving disobediently and mischievously, and the inauguration of Skoda Oktavia car theft's victim membership when losing the sedan together with the first boy's car seat at the Karel Capek Museum in Dobris on 3 March 2012.

Unlike with the first offspring, this time the parents have difficulties to agree on the name of the babygirl that is familiar enough for mom's Indonesian relatives and dad's Czech families and also mostly exists in the (holly molly!) Czech's book of name:-). We are a bit far from 'what's-in-a-name"stance. Oh boy.. I mean.. oh girl..